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Drug Rehab in Youngstown, OH

| 4948 Belmont Ave, Youngstown, OH 44505
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Understanding Our Drug Detox Program


Only those who have used drugs for an extended period and have tried to stop know how difficult the withdrawal symptoms can be to get through. The people who have been able to get through the withdrawal symptoms and succeeded understand that it is a perpetual fight to remain drug-free.


One of the leading causes of relapse is the physical cravings for drugs or alcohol that come from, and cause, withdrawal. The primary objective of a detoxification provided by a drug detox clinic is to rid the body of accumulated toxins. These toxins get into the body through excessive drug use for a consistent period. Foundations addiction recovery program in Youngstown, Ohio gives a recovering addict the highest chance of remaining sober indefinitely Withdrawal is discontinuing the use of a substance that is addictive, with the mental and physiological readjustments that accompanies such discontinuation. This is why detox must be strictly and carefully supervised.


Once a client has stopped using an addictive substance, physical and behavioral withdrawal symptoms follow. The length, nature, and severity of the withdrawal symptoms differ depending on the type of drug, the quantity consumed, and how often the dosages were taken.


Nowadays, sometimes people don’t use a single drug exclusively, but it is common for people in an addiction treatment facility to use a combination of drugs including alcohol, cocaine, or prescription opioids. Our addiction treatment center in Youngstown incorporates a comprehensive drug detoxification assured of success with dedication. As a rule, our drug rehab facility in Youngstown administers a complete detox immediately before a person has accomplished getting through the withdrawals. Residual mental dependence from drugs continues to affect a client’s body. These residual cravings are the ones that bring about temptations that may haunt former drug users for years after they stop using substances.


Once you have finished your supervised detox, you will move on to the long-term portion of treatment, individual and group therapy. During one-on-one sessions, you will have the opportunity to craft a personalized addiction treatment plan as well as receive vital dual diagnosis mental health treatment to get down to the root causes of the addiction. Mental illness affects half of all addictions, and they need to be adequately treated in order to relieve the person of their physical and mental addictions.


Group therapy enables clients to open up and speak their feelings and thoughts. By sharing your struggles with each other, you are not only placating stress, you are providing valuable insight and exchanging productive advice. The community cultivated during group sessions will empower and support you long after your stay at our Youngstown addiction treatment clinic.


Clients are encouraged to go through recovery at their own pace. Recovery, depending on the person, usually lasts from 30 to 90 days. At the time of departure, clients are set up with an individualized aftercare plan that is similar to the customized treatment plan. To ensure the best chances at long-term sobriety, the proper support and guidance needs to be in place.


Effective treatment is one that caters to the nuanced and multiple needs of a client, not just the physical withdrawal. To be effective, the treatment method must be able to address the individual’s drug use and other associated psychological, vocational, social, and legal problems.


Foundations addiction recovery facility in Youngstown, Ohio provides individualized treatment with the utmost care and experience. With a supervised detox, various forms of therapy, and personalized aftercare, you can have the highest chance of breaking free of addiction. To start your new life, call Foundations Drug Rehabilitation immediately for your free consultation.

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