About us - Foundations Drug Rehabilitation Center
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About us

Our facilities all follow basic guidelines for success, but host characteristics that make each one different and better for some while another may have just what a client needs. The invariable treatment comes from the most eminent addiction research, the way it is implicated depends on the client’s needs and situation.

When you enter our addiction treatment center, you receive a personalized addiction recovery plan that includes the aftercare services you need to remain sober long-term. These methods may include additional therapy, 12-step group meetings, sober living, a personal sponsor, and more. It is crucial to make sure that when you leave our facility, you are equipped with all the resources to maintain your sobriety.


First, after you admit to yourself that you have a problem you simply can’t face on your own, you will be enrolled at one of our of drug detox clinics. Detoxification is the crucial period when your body expels the leftover chemical toxins that are making it impossible for you to quit using. This is an unpleasant experience, so we constantly monitor the process to avoid extraneous discomfort and danger. With our team of experienced addiction professionals at your side, you will be ready to take on detox in a secure and comfortable environment.

Individual Therapy

Next you will work with a personal addiction therapist to fabricate a full-proof addiction recovery plan that will keep you sober by following your personal needs and situation. This is also the time in which you will be screened for an underlying dual diagnosis mental health issue. Just about half of our clients are suffering with both substance abuse and mental disorders. Through dual diagnosis treatment, our team will help you work through your demons to chisel down to the cause of your addiction. Only then will we know how to fully combat it.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is also crucial to fighting your addiction. At our drug rehab clinic, you will attend group therapy meetings that are designed to show you that you are not alone through the communal support of the group. Clients will show each other new ways to stay sober as well as techniques to cope and avoid triggers. The support you get from the group of your peers with similar experiences will prove to be extremely valuable on your road to recovery.

Find your nearest office

Our locations are all uniform in their impeccable treatment, but nuanced in their individual characteristics. Whatever you need to sober will be provided depending on your personal needs and preferences. Having said that, all our drug rehab facilities are kept to the highest standards of hygiene, cleanliness, and unprecedented addiction treatment care and compassion.