Prairieville, LA - Foundations Drug Rehabilitation Center
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Prairieville, LA

| Call Us: (225) 377-4287
17511 Old Jefferson Hwy Prairieville, LA 70769

Addiction is a terrible chronic brain disease that will stop at nothing to ruin your life and take everything you cherish. Professional, customized, and structured treatment from people who really care is completely necessary. Before you do any of that, you will need to admit to yourself and the ones you love that you have a problem you can’t control nor overcome on your own. When you have done away with denial, you will work to get through withdrawal at Foundations Drug Rehabilitation Center in Prairieville, Louisiana.


Monitored Detox


The first thing you will do when you come to our drug detox clinic in Prairieville is allow your body to rid itself of the chemicals that are keeping you dependent. While you go through this process, you will need professional and caring addiction specialists by your side the whole time. In order to ensure that your detox is as safe, comfortable, and efficient as possible, you will need to make sure you receive the proper treatment from our Prairieville addiction treatment facility.


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Then, after you get through the struggle of detox, you will be available to begin structured therapy. While you are attending therapy sessions, you will begin crafting a customized and fully comprehensive addiction treatment program that will guide you through the whole process. This includes dual diagnosis mental health screening, which will determine whether you have an underlying condition contributing to the addiction. Whatever it is, there will be an exacerbating factor that will need to be dealt with in order to liberate you from addiction. Once the core issue is uncovered, you will begin working on your condition in further individual therapy and group meetings.


Group meetings are incredibly beneficial to any recovery. During these sessions, you will share your struggles with others, hear their similar complaints and challenges, and provide helpful and insightful advice for each other. The empathy will make you realize you are not alone in this struggle. Many others are feeling the same way, and help is always just around the corner at our addiction treatment clinic in Prairieville. The bonds and advice you gain during group meetings will likely stay with you long after you have left Foundations Drug Rehabilitation Center.


Sustaining Sobriety


Finally, as you discharge from our addiction recovery center in Prairieville, you will leave with your personalized addiction treatment program that has been altered to meet your needs. You will leave with the ongoing support of our employees and colleagues as a part of your relapse prevention plan. You will always have the support, guidance, and assistance you need going forward. Don’t waste any more time, you can break free today with the help of our addiction professionals at our drug rehab facility in Prairieville, Louisiana. You won’t regret the day you changed everything in your life, you won’t regret the day you took back control of your destiny, and you surely won’t regret the day you decided to get sober. Contact us today for a free consultation.