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Drug Rehab in Culpeper, VA

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A Drug Rehab for Your Loved one in Culpeper, VA

Drug addiction is a chronic disease. It alters the mind and leads to changes in the function of the brain. To help a loved one who is dealing with addiction, you will need to be patient and caring. This is a time to stay positive and uplifting. You are a helping hand for your loved and can offer encouragement to help them lead a better life. You can also try to get your loved one to seek help.

Foundations Drug Rehab centers have opened their doors to many people who are dealing with these issues. The specialists at our Culpeper substance abuse treatment facility have a calling to work with people dealing with this type of sickness. This is what you can find at our centers, including our drug rehab in Culpeper. The specialists have caring hearts, which allow them to help those struggling with drug-related issues.

How Can we Help Your Loved one?

Our Culpeper drug rehab facility was founded on a firm foundation of compassion and experience. One attribute we value is our ability to customize each treatment to the client rather than have the client adapt to our treatments.

One example of how we accomplish this can be seen in the way we handle the detoxification process. Your loved one’s addiction recovery plan will include the following:

  • An all-encompassing analysis that will study past drug use, family history, and other factors that might be affecting your addiction.
  • Monitored detox with experienced personnel.
  • Comprehensive treatment that gets altered if necessary.
  • Administration of effective treatments to help your loved one get through the process.

Another aspect that we take seriously at our addiction recovery center in Culpeper is the connection between addiction and mental health. There is a strong connection between the two that has prompted us to develop a dual diagnosis mental illness treatment program. To fully treat your addiction we must identify and address the ulterior causes.

Mental imbalances push people to self-medicate. To fully eradicate the addiction, we must handle the imbalance that is making your mental health unstable.

We make sure that your loved one meets with a qualified psychologist for intimate one-on-one sessions to get to the root of the problem. Administering this particular type of treatment has been very effective in our Culpeper addiction recovery facility, and we are proud to offer it to you or your loved one.

Becoming a part of our addiction treatment center in Culpeper means that clients have access to our extended network of aftercare treatments and outpatient care. This type of care starts in our addiction treatment facility with group therapy.

Group therapy allows those suffering from addiction to reconnect with themselves as they connect with others. This type of therapy also allows your loved one to let go of any issues he or she might have bottled up. Being able to speak about these issues openly in a safe environment has proven very effective during our years of experience.

Aftercare programs follow the same idea by helping your loved one connect with support groups, where he or she will find sponsors who help drug abuse survivors stay sober. It will provide you the tools and support you need to live a full and happy life.

There is no time to waste. Take back your life today. Call Foundations Drug Rehabilitation now to set up your consultation with our addiction recovery clinic in Culpeper, Virginia.

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