Drug Rehab in Brooklyn, NY - Foundations Drug Rehabilitation Center
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Drug Rehab in Brooklyn, NY

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Foundations Rehabilitation is an addiction recovery center located in Brooklyn, New York that provides clients with a wide range of benefits as they pursue treatment for substance abuse. Those who are struggling with addiction can benefit from a personalized treatment plan. At our drug rehab center, we practice the most effective recovery methods.


Individuals who seek treatment from our Brooklyn, New York substance abuse treatment facility will have every advantage toward achieving their recovery goals. Foundations Rehabilitation is a trusted addiction recovery center that has staff who are caring, supportive, and are committed to providing clients with the care and support they need to successfully make it through addiction recovery treatment.


Foundations Rehabilitation offers a personalized addiction recovery treatment program to each of our clients. Although the duration of the treatment plans may vary, most clients are enrolled in our program for 30 to 90 days before graduation. Inpatient programs are ideal for those who want to reside at the rehab treatment facility during treatment, and outpatient programs are better for those who have requirements that require them to stay in their own homes during treatment. Inpatient and outpatient programs have both proven to be successful, but inpatient programs tend to have a higher success rate because clients are not subjected to the same outside triggers as those in outpatient therapy.


Our Brooklyn, New York addiction treatment clinic uses a rehabilitation process that includes stages for intake, detoxification, individual and group therapy, and aftercare therapy. These steps are all critical during the rehabilitation process. The first step, intake, is important because it provides our staff with the basis to develop a personalized treatment plan thanks to the details we learn from you about your personal habits and history of substance abuse. The intake stage will be followed by detoxification. Monitored detox is crucial because it can be dangerous if individuals try to detox on their own. Foundation Rehabilitation addiction treatment center offers supervised detoxification to help clients get through this stage safely.


After detoxification, clients will continue with the therapy programs dictated by their customized addiction recovery treatment plans. Our addiction treatment center in Brooklyn, New York offers dual diagnosis mental health treatment for clients who struggle with co-occurring disorders. Research has shown that roughly half of those who struggle with addiction also deal with a co-occurring disorder. There is a significant link between addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders, which is why it is vital both conditions are treated at the same time.


Our treatment plans also include both individual and group therapy, which are equally essential for a healthy recovery. Group therapy has proven to be extremely beneficial for those in recovery. Foundations Rehabilitation addiction recovery facility encourages clients to interact with one another and provide each other with support during group therapy sessions, providing clients with a sense of community. When you known you are not alone, it boosts morale, making recovery easier.


In addition to individual and group therapy, clients are encouraged to participate in our quality aftercare programs. There are a variety of aftercare programs at our substance abuse treatment facility, allowing us to continue to support our graduates as they move along their journey. The primary purpose of aftercare programs at our rehab treatment center is to always be there to provide our clients with support. Our aftercare programs do not have a time limit, so clients are encouraged to attend sessions with us for as long as they feel necessary. Long-term recovery from addiction is best achieved when individuals have the guidance and support of a qualified drug rehab clinic such as Foundations Rehabilitation.

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