Drug Rehab in Brooklyn, NY - Foundations Drug Rehabilitation Center
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Drug Rehab in Brooklyn, NY

| (929) 441-7485

2239 Kimball St
Brooklyn, NY 11234

Is someone you love struggle with an addiction? Has your alcohol or drug consumption reached a new level? When a person feels that their use of alcohol or drugs has reached uncontrollable frequency, people think they are able to handle it without disrupting their lives. However, this feeling usually lasts only a short period. Foundations Drug Rehabilitation Center can make the despair of realizing you have a problem you can’t control a positive stride towards healing.

Promises are made and broken when substance use escalates. One reason this occurs is what feels like a point of control over substance abuse is actually an increased tolerance. The underlying issues that led to the addiction are still there. Our addiction treatment center in Brooklyn, New York understands this reasoning and how to overcome it.

We are here to offer empathy and compassion, never judgment. Our Brooklyn substance abuse treatment facility offers a safe space for clients to open up about what led them down this path. Contact Foundations Drug Rehabilitation Center so we can begin an individualized treatment plan that caters to your needs and situation.


The Process of Rehabilitation

During your time at our Brooklyn drug treatment facility, we will help you begin a journey to a sober and healthy life. While this is not a quick and easy task, it can be attained through a commitment of hard work, a positive attitude, and unrelenting dedication. The rewards of a transformed life are immeasurable and well worth the effort.

Specific steps toward recovery vary according to the type of addiction, the individualized treatment plan, and length of use. However, the rehabilitation process works in four key stages:

  1. Intake Assessment
  2. Detox
  3. Therapy
  4. Aftercare

Once you enter Foundations Drug Rehabilitation Center, our team administers detoxification to remove all traces of alcohol and drugs from your body. This is important to do at our Brooklyn drug detox clinic to give you a clean slate so continuing rehab within a supportive environment helps you remain on track. With our esteemed detox professionals supervising you, you will be as safe and comfortable as possible.


Dual Diagnosis and Addiction

At our Brooklyn addiction treatment facility, we promote dual diagnosis mental health treatment. Often depression, PTSD, or bipolar disorder causes a person to abuse alcohol or drugs. They suffer through these conditions by using mind-altering substances to cope. In hopes of getting away from symptoms caused by mental health conditions, they turn a short period of relief into a battle with two serious mental conditions.

It is important to have a treatment plan that addresses both mental illness and substance abuse because one often leads to the other. An inclusive treatment strategy at our addiction recovery program in Brooklyn helps clients find success on their road to recovery.


Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers are Available

Addiction recovery is the primary goal our Brooklyn drug rehab center. Any time, any day, clients should know that our addiction recovery center is available to help. Once you decide a better life is possible, we do whatever is necessary to address your needs. Feeling lost and alone because of substance abuse will not last once you join our supportive community.


Comprehensive Care in a Safe Facility

Our Brooklyn drug rehab facility programs take a comprehensive approach to getting you back on the road to a stable lifestyle. We help you put an end to the cycle of addiction and repair relationships with the people you love.

Detoxification, individualized therapy, and group support are what it takes to give you the necessary skills to conquer an addiction.


Focusing on the Keys of Success

At our Brooklyn addiction recovery facility, we are not focused on why you are here, but how you got here. Our mission is to help you move forward in life free, clear-minded and determined to walk a brighter path.

Leaving Foundations Drug Rehabilitation Center does not end the support. With better lines of communication with family and friends as well as a thoughtfully planned aftercare plan, you’ll have a strong network to help you overcome temptation.

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