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Drug Rehab in Brooklyn, NY

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Drug Rehab in Brooklyn, NY Using Exercise to Help With Addiction

Foundations Drug Rehab centers provide several methods to help you deal with addiction. Our substance abuse treatment facility in Brooklyn, New York, facilitates and aids rehabilitation with a variety of holistic methods such as meditation, yoga, and hiking. All Foundations addiction centers offer resources to help with the healing process and kick start the rest of your life.

Why is Exercise Important?

Aerobic exercise has a strong advantages for those suffering from addiction. Exercise helps in several ways. For instance, it is a natural reinforcement for the individual suffering from the addiction, teaching the body and mind how to seek tangible pleasure and reward. It helps people feel stronger and makes it easier to fight off compulsive desires.

Our Brooklyn drug rehab facility understands that this type of exercise helps clear the mind of stress and anxiety, which is essential in addiction recovery. Many therapies require that clients have a clear mind, which is one reason why we focus on creating a safe and organized environment for clients.

Exercise also seems to help the brain produce euphoric neurotransmitters. This self-produced euphoric sensation helps clients feel a little better while they are at our addiction recovery center.

What Does Exercise Offer?

Our addiction recovery facility was built with complete care in mind. This includes making the addiction treatment center as open as possible, which means our rehab center seeks to fulfill our client’s needs. There are limits to this, but you can be certain that you will be exposed to some of the following aerobic exercises in our addiction treatment facility in Brooklyn.


Before you can use holistic methods to facilitate the recovery process, you need to go through a full detoxification. First, you must admit to yourself you have a problem you can’t beat on your own. Then, you’ll enroll into our Brooklyn drug detox clinic. Here you will be supervised carefully to ensure you get through the withdrawal symptoms as easily as possible. You will be safe and comfortable while your body gets rid of anything leftover from your addiction.


Next, you will begin the long-term process of therapy. During individual therapy with an addiction expert, you will create a personalized treatment program that addresses your individual needs. Working with your personal counselor, you will get down to the root cause of your addiction to fully treat your overall mental health.

Group therapy is also another technique that will facilitate your recovery. In sessions with fellow clients will provide much needed support and advice. Nobody knows better how you’re feeling than those going through similar adversities. Together you will share your stories and show each other new methods for avoiding triggers and cravings.


When you go to leave Foundations addiction treatment center Brooklyn, you’ll be set up with a specialized aftercare plan that will ensure you have all the necessary resources to stay sober at your disposal. Think of aftercare as a continuation of everything you have already learned. With the tools and support of a solid aftercare program, you’ll be able to stay off drugs indefinitely.

Foundations Drug Rehab is here when you are ready to move on to a fulfilling life. Don’t wait any longer, call us today to set up the consultation that will change your life at our Brooklyn addiction recovery center.

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